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Our arguments

1. Our Experience and Staff

18 years’ experience of Seacover and unanimous collective sharing mutual values and high professional standards, allows us to guarantee high level of our services.

2. Quality

Quality cannot be accidental, it should be logical. The level of our quality has been confirmed with ISO 9001 certification since 2003 and has compliance with requirements MLC 2006. Seacover is a little more than the standard quality.

3. Personnel management system

We have developed our own system of personnel management, tested over the years, which excludes the mistakes and makes the process quick, convenient, economical. It provides the automatic control system, allowing to make professional both selection and recruitment process as well as administration.

4. Manpower resources

Numbers of registered personnel in our database is more than 24 300 persons. Day by day we increase our reserve of the professionals in offshore and shipping sectors. 1500 applicants annually are interviewed in our office. Our untapped resource allows us to invite new Partners for fruitful cooperation.

Deck Officers - 8000
Engineers - 9100
D/Crew - 3500
E/Crew - 3700
5. Flexibility - «A facilibus ad difficilia»

We can provide different levels of services from simple to complex one, from a sub-agent to the crew manager. We will respond to your cooperation conditions. Grant us a task and we will find methods of solving these tasks. You can rely on us and expect any kind of our support.

6. Evaluation of services

We are not only meeting the requirements of our partners, but also do our best to exceed their expectations. The result of the annual evaluation of our activities with our partners allows us to continue to represent them in the market year by year.

7. Ethical Principles

Responsibility. Honesty. Reliability. Openness. Transparency. Respect. Maintaining high standards and commitment to excellence.